Stay Connected Even in the Most Remote Regions of the World

Rent satellite phones from and stay connected in areas outside cellular coverage with no landline service. Satellite phone rental is the most reliable method to stay connected, making it an ideal solution for leisure travelers, wildlife professionals, crisis management personnel, and pretty much anyone who wishes to remain in contact with the world, from anywhere on the planet. To offer unmatched value to the subscribers, our Satphone rental service includes free incoming calls, voicemail and an accessory pack.

The Satellite Phone Rental’s Edge:

Zero Deposit

Unlike others, we do not require any extra deposit as collateral. Pay only the rental amount and call charges. By accessing MyAccount, you can check your full, itemized usage. We also provide simple billing methods to help you save time and plan your communication expense better.

Satellite Phone Network

We use the world’s finest satellite phone networks so that you can make calls on your satellite phone from any part of the world. Our sat phone rentals include Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat, and GlobalStar satellite phones.

24-Hour Customer Support

At Satellite Phone Rental, we have 24-hour customer support to help you wherever you are in the world.

Get in Touch!

To rent satellite phone, please fill our Contact Us form. You can also call on 866-210-9360 (Toll Free), or send an e-mail to