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Serving discriminating satellite communication customers since 2003, Satellite Phone Rental remains the premier one stop shopping destination for all your communication needs.

With the largest rental inventory in the business, we are poised to provide satellite phone and satellite based internet access for even the most remote areas of the world.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff is here to answer all your questions and provide quick turnaround for your orders. Whether you are traveling to a remote vacation destination, require business continuity in the event of emergency disaster situations, or any other instance where land based communication is difficult or impossible, we are ready to support your particular situation.

Satellite Phone Rental: Services You Can Bank On

Break free from the coverage limitations of cellular phones! We offers a wide range of satellite cell phones from top manufacturers that enable you to connect with your dear ones, and colleagues, from virtually any place under the sun! Now, call, email, surf the internet, or communicate important news even when in the middle of nowhere, without any issue whatsoever. Just dial and connect, simple!

Whether you are an avid traveler, or live in an area which is outside cellular coverage, a high-end satellite phone is what you need. Our quality Iridium, IsatPhone Pro, Thuraya and Globalstar satellite phones provide voice, SMS and data services anywhere on Earth and offer coverage in all landmasses, air routes and ocean areas- even the Poles.

If you need to rent satellite phone for seasonal or short-term use, avail our service. Choose from numerous satellite phone plans and ensure uninterrupted communication even from the most isolated locale at a reasonable cost.

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