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Privacy Policy


What Information do we collect: We sometimes collect information about our customers as part of the normal course of providing products or services. This information, for example, might consist of names, shipping or billing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.


How do we use this information:
All information collect is used exclusively for the purpose of normal internal business processes. For example, the shipping of products, charging for products or services, or contacting a customer when questions or problems arise related to their orders.


When do we release customer information to Third Parties:
At no time is information released to third part marketers or others that are not directly involved in the fulfillment of customer requirements. Information may be release as needed to fulfill an order. For example, a customer’s name, address and phone number would be supplied to Federal Express as a normal part of shipping goods to a customer. Similar information might be supplied to our credit card processor as part of obtaining a credit card charge approval.

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