Phone Plans

Pay Today or Pay Later – Satellite Phone Service Plans for All Needs and Budget

Managing satellite phone communication cost has become easier than ever with Satellite Phone Rental’s prepaid and post-paid satellite phone service plans. Created exclusively to provide customer satisfaction and make satellite phones more affordable, our Sat phone plans help you pay as per your convenience.

Prepaid Satellite Phone Plans

Prepaid plans are suitable for a seasonal user. If you are on a fixed budget, prepaid plans are a great option for you. You can pay upfront, get great rates and stay on budget at the same time. You will receive alerts when you are running low on minutes or if your card is going to expire soon. Check out our prepaid satellite phone service plans options.

Postpaid Sat Phone Plans

Get the convenience of uninterrupted service without worrying about the usage. Our postpaid plans are created exclusively for those who need to stay connected 24x7. All our plans are flexible and hassle free. Never run out of airtime by selecting the best out of our postpaid satellite phone service plans options

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